The Next Gen² Network  initiative consists of a group of key networking projects, teams, and investments working to ensure a secure, responsive, future-ready campus network. Together, these projects promise to reshape the wired, wireless, and cloud-enterprise network on UW-Madison’s campus to be responsive to our instructional, research, business, and operational needs.

Next Gen² Network Dashboard

Active projects

Supernode Upgrade

Supernodes are core routers that serve as relay or proxy servers, handling data flow and connectivity for the users on the campus network.

Campus Core Router Upgrade

Core routers form the backbone of the network that connects campus to the internet. This upgrade will improve connectivity and expand capacity to meet modern network requirements.

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Consolidation of SSIDs

By consolidating SSIDs, we will reduce operational complexity and increase security and consistency across the campus wireless network.

NSAMM (Network Services Auto-Monitor-Manage)

The first phase of this project a) validates requirements, b) evaluates commercial, off-the-shelf and professionally supported open-source network monitoring and management platforms that facilitate network automation.

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Network Automation

Network automation is the process by which software automatically configures, provisions, and tests network devices. This project reduces system errors by improving efficiency and reducing the opportunity for human error.

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Network Monitoring

Increasing speed of feature integrations; enabling automation and enhancements for new technologies like streaming telemetry and artificial intelligence.

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Wireless Network Upgrade (Outdoor)

Upgrades outdoor wifi, and collects data to make data-driven recommendations for campus-wide solutions.

Outdoor Wireless Findings & Recommendations Report

Completed projects

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Building Automation Network (BAN)

Replaces existing network with VRF-MPLS architecture to eliminate aging infrastructure.

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Campus Core

Answers increased network performance demands for access to datacenter network, Research Drive infrastructure, Wireless core, and Sysnet2020.

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Campus Network Wireless Upgrade (Indoor)

Upgrades campus wireless capable of delivering throughput and user density performance with 802.11ac wave 2 technology.

Wireless Network Upgrade

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Internet Of Things / Bring Your Own Device

Implements device self-registration for faculty, staff, and students connecting to the campus wifi network.

IOT/BYOD Findings & Recommendations Report

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Supports secure data sharing, big data transfers, and data lifecycle automation.

Globus Data Transfer Project

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Netbox Pilot

Provides and improves essential network management tools to DoIT Network Engineers and campus IT partners while reducing the amount of custom in-house bespoke database, web and CLI software.

BAN Migration

“Building automation networks” are the systems that control various electric, electronic, and mechanical systems in a building. This project brings building automation systems onto the primary university network.

Wireless Network Redesign

This project expands capacity and coverage of the campus wireless network to meet the robust needs of a R1 university campus.

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