Planning, implementing and sustaining a successful Next Gen² Network strategy requires a diverse set of executive, instructional, managerial and operational staff across the university.

Executive sponsors

Lois Brooks

Position title: Chief Information Officer & Vice Provost for Information Technology


David Pagenkopf

Position title: Deputy Chief Information Officer, UW–⁠Madison


Project leads

Jeanne Skul

Position title: Director, Network Services


Rob Kohlhepp

Position title: Director of Academic Computing, College of Engineering


Team members

  • Todd Shechter
  • Jeff Savoy
  • Eric Alborn
  • Pat Christian
  • Dennis Lange
  • Gary Northey
  • Vince Abraham
  • Kevin Cherek
  • Patrick Johnson
  • Tom Jordan
  • Mark Nessel
  • Greg Padden
  • Jeff Robertson
  • Brian Bockelman
  • Ken Fanta
  • Sathish Gopalrao
  • Scott Nolin
  • Dave Parter
  • Stefan Wahe

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