Next Gen² Network Progress Report, Nov 2021

The Next Gen² Network Project is a group of projects that, together, implement a modern, secure network infrastructure for UW-Madison that supports university needs and promises a seamless user experience across campus. These projects will reshape the wired, wireless, and cloud-enterprise network on UW-Madison’s campus to be responsive to our contemporary and future instructional, research, business, and operational needs.

Building Automation Network (BAN) Upgrade

Tasks were completed on multiple buildings increasing the total buildings now complete to 52. Task completion for the project is not at 32.5%.

Campus Core Router Upgrade

Over 830 APs deployed since the last update.

Consolidation of SSIDs

The project team is waiting on project prioritization. The current priority is labeled as a lower status for this project.

Globus Data Transfer Project

The project closure tasks are in progress and the project will officially close at the end of January. The WAN team is working on connectivity testing. Please visit our site for more information about the Globus project.

Network Automation

The lab instance of Netbox was updated to version 3.1 and production update to 3.1 is currently planned for December from version 3.0.12. Infoblox integration work has also continued, including work on a tool for network prefixes. We are also starting to look at IP address record sync. Work is currently focusing on completion of Catalyst 9300 builders, Infoblox integration, and updating Netbox to version 3.1 by the end of the calendar year.