Aerial photo of UW–Madison above Bascom Hill with various colored light streaks representing network data and speed.

The Network Transformation Initiative

The Next Gen² Network initiative is designed to reshape the wired, wireless, and cloud-enterprise network on UW-Madison’s campus to be responsive to our instructional, research, business, and operational needs. This initiative consists of a group of key networking projects, teams, and investments working to ensure a secure, responsive campus network.

Why Next Gen² Network matters…

Seamless connectivity, invisible to users across campus

As we increase the ease and simplicity of connectivity across the network, you will have a seamless user experience no matter where you are on campus or what you need to do.

With moonlight shining in an open slit of the Washburn Observatory dome at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the general public takes advantage of a once-monthly opportunity for nighttime public viewing of the stars using the observatory's vintage telescope.

Responsive to changing research and instructional needs

Future investments in the networking infrastructure will increase the flexibility, speed and security of our networks in support of UW-Madison's teaching and research missions.

Michael Westphall, distinguished instrument innovator in the Biotechnology Center, consults with postdoctoral fellow Jean Lodge about modifications for a mass-spectrometry, research test she is conducting.


  • Next Gen² Network End of Year Update, 2020

    The Next Gen² Network (NG²N) discovery initiative is designed to create a business-relevant network strategy that will ensure the wired, wireless, wide area, and cloud-enterprise network on UW-Madison’s campus are responsive to our current and …

  • Join us for a Virtual Discovery Session

    If you were unable to attend one of the discovery sessions held across campus in January, please join us for a virtual Next Gen² Network discovery session. RSVP now March 2, 2:30-3:30pm Webex Meeting Number …

  • Next Gen² Network Discovery Exercise Updates

    Charged with ensuring UW-Madison’s computer network is responsive to our instructional, research, business and operational needs, the Next Gen² Network team continues to meet with various audiences collecting information about needs and trends in network usage.

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